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DCE offers custom handmade items for you and your pets!  Check out our online store for current products in stock.  Use our form on our Contact Us page if you'd like to inquire about or order a custom item just for you or a gift.  Thanks for visiting us! 

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The slideshow above displays recent see our complete product catalog, including all the items that we have made in the past, please click on Samples below...


At Dreaming Tree, you can get his adorable SVG set with a purchase of $9.98 for a limited time.  If you love animals, then you'll love this set.


Daywalker Customs is pleased to announce a video tutorial showing step-by-step how to make the DCE Carry-It-All Tote.   See this blog post for more information or get it now on our Etsy shop!  It right in the featured section at the top.

And this pattern has just recently been featured on Sew Modern Bags on their web site and in the 4/18 email newsletter!  We're so excited. 

Check it out!

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