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Hi, I'm Sandy, the owner and maker at Daywalker Customs!  


Daywalker Customs Embroidery (DCE) began as an embroidery shop catering to small businesses, schools, and individuals through our online shop.  Since its inception in January of 2019, I have expanded our line of products to include custom designer handbags, original handbag patterns, wallets, and our latest paper-crafted home decor!  I've made over 100+ handbags from 50+ designers and well over 100+ paper products.  I have the experience and pride myself on quality in every handmade item you purchase from me. 


The mission of DCE is to offer a unique and custom product for each of our customers.  I start with a free design consultation to determine exactly what you want and confirm the details before I begin.  While it may take a bit longer to get an item that is purely custom to you, it is truly an original made especially for our each customer.


Specifically, with handbags, this isn't one you buy from the mall or one of the big box stores.  It's one-of-a-kind because it is made at the time you order it.  You get to pick your own colors, materials, and pattern.  You can include more pockets, have fewer pockets, or add some bling to the flap of the handbag.  And when you are sporting around town wearing your custom handbag with a matching wallet, people will notice that you are not wearing a big box brand. 


That's the goal of give you the unique and customized products that you enjoy and can share as gifts.  Our motto is Custom Your Way, sContact Us and let's get creative!

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