Custom Embroidery

Personalize the Gift with Custom Embroidery

Have you ever seen a picture or sketch and thought it would make a great T-shirt or even a handbag? At Daywalker Customs, I can digitize your own art and turn it into a colorful custom embroidery piece in the colors of your choice! (Art should be clean vector style images for best results). Nobody else will have a shirt, bag, or hat quite like it. Of course, I can always add initials, small characters, and other embroidery designs to almost any sewn custom order.

Creative Crafts to Dress Up the Holidays

Is it time to freshen up your holiday table with some fresh new decor? My Etsy shop is always fun to visit as I am always changing out the selection of creative crafts up for sale. I love working in fabric and paper, making boxes, luminaries, and whimsical little tea light houses ready to grace any room in your home. My boxes take your cute small gift and turn it into something spectacular. They can continue to use the box for years while it adorns their dresser or hall table. Find something fun for every holiday and changing season.

Singular Items for Sale or as a Complete Pattern

The best part of my Etsy shop is that you will never find the same article twice on its virtual shelves. Every bag, box, and handmade decor item grows out of inspiration, tried and true patterns, and the latest fabrics and papers found on the market. Do you want to make your own handbag or wallet? I also have complete patterns and tutorials available for purchase so you can make one using your choice of finishes.

Give them something they will cherish for years and simply cannot be found in any other store when you shop at Daywalker Customs. If you see something in your mind, but not on my shelves, fill out the Contact Us form to request a custom piece.

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