Purse A = An Original (and more!)

Update 3/5/19 -- This pattern is now available for purchase!! Between now and April 1st, 2019, the introductory price of this pattern is $12.95 and then the regular price will be $18.00. The pattern will be delivered electronically in PDF format via email when ordered. To order or if you have any questions, please use the form on the Contact Us page.

I have just completed the first of my original designs for a purse. I'm calling it Purse A simply because it is the beginning. I am really pretty happy with how it turned out and it met all the requirements. I wanted a cell phone pocket on the outside that would be big enough to hold my iPhone 8 Plus. I wanted pockets on the inside. And I wanted embroidery embellishments on the front, back and flap.

I started out doing a prototype in muslin...measuring, cutting, and even putting it together (minus the straps). I hadn't learned everything and working with faux leather was a new challenge, but overall I couldn't be happier with the outcome. I definitely want to do it again and make a few improvements, but Purse A is something I would easily carry every day.

The size of this purse is a basic 9" by 9" by 2". It has plenty of pockets and room inside. And without further words...let's let the pictures do the talking shall we?

And then there was some improvements and downsizing and Purse B came into being. It may be a bit too downsized for me, but the improvements to the pockets inside, etc. were good as well as using new designs for the embroidery. Here are the pictures of Purse B. Plus I learn so much from practice! But wait, there's more.....

Purse C needed to be in between the larger A and the smaller B size purses. I kept the same width as B, but increased the depth of the purse by 1 1/2" and it came out perfectly! I added a button to this one for closure of the purse and the designs were created by me from other designs that came with Hatch (by Wilcom) software as part of their public files. I'm really happy with Purse C and will begin writing up the official instructions for making this purse in the next few days. The pattern and instructions will be available for purchase through Daywalker Customs Embroidery at a great introductory price....so watch for the announcement when it is finished. Here is Purse C....

A friend of mine tested this pattern and actually made her purse all from 100% cotton fabrics. She fussy cut the flap and front so they made a great design and it turned out really great. Here are her pictures. Thanks Susan for your assistance!

A couple of notes from Susan were 1) she would use a heavier fabric and 2) she did do the top stitching around the top which is optional in the instructions.

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