Doggie (Puppy) Apparel

You know when a new puppy is added to the household, it's such an exciting and busy time! This past week I turned dog grandma to a brand new puppy named Baxter. He's adorable, right?

Then the daughter (Baxter's Mom) says...."Mom you can make these bow tie collars, right?" Sure I can...and proceeded to make one. I know this one is too big for Baxter right now, but it was good practice on how to make it and showed me what to do and not to do. Thankfully I found this wonderful web site that had instructions on how to make the collar --> Country Brook Designs and then another blog (Spoonflower) that had instructions on how to make the bow tie. Putting them all together with this great Tula Pink fabric and you have a custom handmade collar for the new grand dog.

Well of course that got the imagination going and I thought maybe I could make some more things for this little grand dog. I found this pattern online from Fancy Canine for a hoodie. I quickly went to my local craft store and scooped up some cute doggie based fleece fabric to work with. Baxter of course got the first of its kind (they grey/red/black plaid), but then I made 3 more in various sizes (XXS, S, and M). And yes, I know my model isn't a "dog", but Geoff begged to be a part of the photo shoot so badly I couldn't deny him!

So now I think we're going to make more of these because they are SOOOO adorable and take them to the craft show November 23rd at the Berry Center in Cypress Texas. And I also have a couple of other patterns I plan to make and take as well. This should be a fun set of pet related items for the booth and everyone loves buying something for their pet! Stay tuned on the results of the craft show coming in an article in the newsletter that subscribers get once a month. Not a subscriber? Become one today by clicking in the Join My Mailing List at the bottom of any page. Type in your email address and Subscribe Now! As a subscriber you will receive the monthly newsletter and be eligible for subscriber only discounts. And thanks!

Happy Crafting!

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