Anatomy of a Wall Hanging

The Anatomy of a Wall Hanging video is completed as is the quilt. I used a new technique (well new to me) that used embroidery and embroidery quilting in the hoop and then added the borders/backing/batting to the quilted center. It was interesting to work out the logistics, but I didn't want to do the typical top stitching most quilt-as-you-go methods use as my lines are never straight and I think it looks kind of messy. Just my opinion, I'm sure others use that technique and make beautiful quilts. I'm just not one of them. So I put my logical/engineering side of my brain to work on how to do this and then had to test the theory on a wall hanging before I try something any bigger. And this is the final result. Bear in mind, this video assumes you already have a knowledge of basic quilting and embroidery skills and terminology. It's not an introductory type video. Here are a couple of picture and then feel free to check out the video. It's just under 17 minutes long. And Thanks!

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