Learning for the Business

Updated: Feb 9, 2019

Starting a new business is sometimes a daunting task. It isn't just filling out the paperwork for your LLC or getting a checking account or even the work of setting up a viable and attractive web site (although that did take quite some time and I hope you are enjoying). It's all the other things that you never think about, and somehow grabbing the attention of potential customers to let them know you are there and offering a new business service. It's "marketing" and it's not someplace that I generally feel very comfortable as I have never been a high pressured sales person. But if you want to draw people to a web based business, you have to think outside the box and try to get as much information about your business out there as you can. Thus why Facebook and Instagram are now pretty much a daily thing for me to keep up with (and of course blogging here once or twice a week). I was never a great fan of Facebook and hadn't really used Instagram until this past couple of weeks, but they say that using these social media venues will help to get your business out there and allow customers to find you too. I hope so. This business is just a pipe dream without getting some customers :)

Part of the learning process is learning how to digitize embroidery designs, and I don't mean just knowing how, but getting really good at it. I've been watching YouTube, reading books, and practicing quite a bit to help improve my digitizing skills. As part of the Daywalker Customs Embroidery business, I need to be able to digitize quickly and produce really good quality designs to stitch out on customer clothing or other items they may wish to give as gifts. I've been working mostly on the samples that are part of the tutorials I've been taking..... Craftsy course with Cookie Gaynor, OML Embroidery University with Sue, Embird Studio with Carolyn Keber, and books from a couple of others.....but the technique is growing and I'm going to be ready to take on more complex designs at some point which is both exciting and nerve wracking. Here's a butterfly that I digitized with Cookie Gaynor on Cratsy. It turned out pretty well. If I stitched it out again, I'd make the outer satin stitch thicker. And the more you do it, the better you get, so I'm looking forward to that growth and challenge.

One part of the digitizing process is choosing the software that will give you the quickest result with the highest possible quality for your designs. I have owned Embird and Embird Studio for many, many years. I've used it just to put designs and lettering together or organize the designs I've purchased. But I didn't do much digitizing with it. But of late, I've been doing YouTube and book learning a new language basically, to learn how to digitize. It's going pretty well. Then I came upon Hatch by Wilcom and though it is more expensive than Embird, it does quite a few things easier and so doing designs seems a bit more efficient. I am currently about 1/3 of the way through my 30 day free trial, but I'm leaning pretty strongly toward getting the software. It doesn't mean I won't use Embird as I can see strengths in both, but Hatch will give me some benefits I would have to work much harder for with Embird....but I do love both products.

I've been adding a lot of new samples to the web site picture galleries so be sure to check them out and remember you can place your inquiry, comments, or order because it's too dark to play outside in the evening. Thanks for stopping by and Happy February everyone!

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