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Organize your Craft!

My sewing room, just like anyone else's, can get cluttered and leave me wondering where a particular tool or color thread is in the mess. I even found an embroidery that said "Bless this Mess!" and it's so true. So this year I decided to tackle a few key items to make my sewing room a lot more organized so I would save time looking for that needle in a haystack.

First, I started with old magazines....some I kept, but a lot went to the recycle bin. I hadn't looked at some of them in years (2011, 2015, etc) so why keep them taking up valuable space on the shelf that I could use for my quilting or embroidery books. Next, get those quilt tools organized....find them stashed all over the room and bring them together into one place where they are easy to find when I need them. Some other tasks included cleaning up the storage closet, moving the quilt fabric rack, and cleaning out a couple of "catch-alls" that had gotten quite full of junk.

But the one item that was really bugging me was the storage of my embroidery thread. Especially since I am doing so much of it lately for samples for the business. Originally I had 4 of the thread boxes and they were full. I even had placed spools upside down so they would all fit. I would pull the boxes of threads out and open them on the ironing board only to discover I needed to iron something that was a bit bigger than the small travel surface for ironing. There wasn't room for both. So I'd pack the thread boxes back up and stash them stacked back on the shelf. Later I would find I needed them again, so I hauled them out, opened them up, removed the ones that were upside down....well you get the picture. I wasted a LOT of time.

A search on the web yielded a few ideas, but I just don't have room for a large wooden cabinet in my room just for thread. I kept looking.... Finally I started looking at carts with drawers. After all, if the drawers were tall enough, I would put a lot more spools in the drawer and they would be accessible without having to drag boxes out and spend time taking the upside down ones out so I could see them.

I found this cart on Amazon and it came today. With minimal assembly, it now holds all my embroidery threads and I have room for a lot more. And it even has a top for staging the next design built in. I love it! Here are a couple of pictures, but I would encourage everyone to think outside the box for ways to organize your crafts like this. It may well help you resolve one of the most frustrating features in your sewing room. It did for me.