Uniquely Valentine's Day

If you are planning on the traditional flowers and candy for your sweetheart for Valentine's Day...STOP! It's time to think outside the box with special personalized embroidery products such as postcards. These postcards are created using the applique method of embroidery on stiffer stabilizer. It also has additional layers of fabric for certain portions of the design to lend a 3D layered look to the postcard as well as the embroidery embellishments. Here's one created just for that special sweetheart in your life....and it lasts longer than flowers or candy that will be gone in a week or so. As this is part of our grand opening week, these postcards are also discounted to just $25.00 each. So why not order your Valentine postcard today!!

Please Note: Postcards do take some time to create (approximately an hour for each), so the sooner you order the sooner we can ship it to you in time for Valentine's Day just a couple of weeks away. Also fabrics may vary slightly due to demand and current supply.

(Design thanks to Embroidery Library)

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