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Embroidery Pricing Structure

While we'd love to list each item we create personalized for you with a definitive price, the variations in products and embroidery designs make creating and maintaining a set pricing structure difficult for this type of business.  However, with that said, we will try to lay out some general guidelines that Daywalker Customs Embroidery will utilize to give you the best possible price while maintaining the quality of our finished products to our customers.  Below you will find those general guidelines on our pricing structure.  Please use the form on our Contact Us page for questions or to clarify this information. 

Each new order will generally require the following setup costs (all pricing is in US Dollars):

  • Planning the final design and products for the order with the customer.  This could be either a quick process or one that we feel needs additional time to ensure you receive exactly what you envision in the final product.  This service is free of charge unless there is an extensive amount of collaboration involved (generally over 30 minutes) and in that case, there will be a one-time $20 non-negotiable fee.

  • Embroidery machine setup, required stabilizers, up to 10 color changes per item, and staff time is provided at a non-negotiable fee of $35 for 1-10 like items and $50 for 10-20 like items.  Setup fee pricing on orders with quantities over 20, differing products/designs, or more than 10 color changes will be negotiated based on the details of the order.

  • If the design requires digitizing (turning it from art to the actual embroidery design to stitch on the machine), this service will generally range from $40 to 60 depending on the complexity and time required for the design.  Simple word logos would normally be less at $10 to $15 for this service when included with an order of 10 or more items.  Digitizing prices for very complex designs will be agreed upon prior to the work process starting.  Once set, this digitizing fee is non-negotiable.

  • Embroidery designs that do not require digitizing will be purchased with no markup for you and we retain the rights to the designs for future customers.  Likewise, if we already own a design, this can be utilized at no additional charge.

  • Embroidery designs that are supplied by the customer will be tested prior to agreeing to use them so as not to damage products or our equipment.  It is our preference that we procure the designs or digitize them for you to ensure the best possible finished product.  There are several links to embroidery design vendors listed on our Home page.  

  • Embroidery is generally done one for one - one embroidery for one product.  If multiple designs are requested on a single product, there will be an additional charge for that embroidery placement.  This additional charge will apply to each additional placement or hooping required to finish the product.  Generally this cost will be 75-80% of the cost for the first embroidery design.  

  • Product items vary in price.  We will shop several wholesale vendors to ensure the right product will be procured at the best possible price.  Larger quantity orders will also provide a better pricing advantage as will items that we may already have in stock to utilize.​​

    • T-shirts, baseball ​caps, small aprons, tote bags normally will be $5 to $15 each.

    • Light weight jackets, hoodies, sweatshirts, etc. normally will be $20 to $35 each depending on style and quality of the product.

    • Specialty items will be sourced and then negotiated with the customer prior to acquiring it for the final product. 

    • Products provided to us must be replaceable and within a reasonable cost. We will not embroider on one of a kind, expensive, or heirloom type products due to the nature of embroidery and the effect on the final product.

      • We request that when customers supply their own products for embroidery, that 1-2 additional products are supplied so that the designs can be tested on like product/fabric. If the item is damaged during the embroidery process, we will replace the item at our cost. If the test products fail and are not able to be embroidered, we reserve the right to cancel the order and refund all but the digitizing and ½ of the setup fee to the customer, along with their product.

      • There will be separate embroidery charges that would normally be part of the cost of the product when a customer supplies their own products.

  • Pricing for pillows, table runners, quilted products, or other handmade specialty items will be negotiated prior to the work process starting as this can vary more widely than embroidery on stock items.​​

  • Pricing for any custom handbag will be negotiated prior to the work process starting as it will vary with the design, detail of the design, inclusion of any embroidery design(s), and overall time to complete based on the complexity of the handbag design chosen.

  • To summarize, please refer to this chart (pricing guidelines may vary per order):

Estimated Minimum
Estimated Maximum
Digitizing Services (per design)
$60.00 or more
Product Item (per item)
$50.00 or more
Setup & Supplies
$50.00 or more
Single Design Procurement (per design)
Totals (one item/one design)