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Online Shop - Customization Guide

Sometimes it can be overwhelming to do a custom order from a web site where you can't see your options or look through a catalog and have to just rely on some pictures the webmaster has posted.  This page is meant to help with that frustration just a bit and hopefully get you comfortably into your new handbag (or other embroidered item).  

Do First -- I know it is daunting looking through all the pictures on the Samples page, but that is really the best place to start.  If you want a handbag, you can either 1) select the slideshow with the handbags and open it up fully, or 2) you can go to the Handbags (Short Version) and look at them there.  In the slideshow option, you can control the  scrolling left and right with the arrows.  Find 1 or 2 bags that really appeal to you from a shape/size/design standpoint and jot down some of the details about that item to help you remember it and help me find it.  In this example, I'm going to choose the handbag called "The Dallas" as my top choice.

Secondly -- determine if you want any changes to the item.  You love the design of "The Dallas" but want to customize the colors and fabric.  What's your favorite color?  Do you want leather or not?  If so, what color of leather do you want?  Sometimes the choice of leather can alter the colors for the rest of the handbag.  Then jot down the colors you would like in your custom handbag.   In this example, I'm going to ask for blues and maybe black for leather.  And take out the recessed zipper, I just want my bag wide open at the top, except for maybe a snap.

Next (if adding embroidery or lettering/monograms) -- describe the type of embroidery you envision on your handbag (if there is a spot for it), and jot down some characteristics of a design.  For example, you may want a particular type of flower, or an astrology sign, or even your family crest or business logo (we can digitize/turn your design into embroidery for you too!).  If it is a monogram, jot down the 3 letters and then go to our Fonts page and select your choice of font.

Finally, now that you have the design you like, the color family you desire, any changes you want to the design, the embroidery and/or the monogram (if applicable) all picked out, go to the Contact Us page and put all the information into the Message Body and send it to us.  

Once we receive your request, we will review it, select some sample fabrics, designs, etc. for you to review and send you an email with the order proposal.  You can pick from the options and send it back to us signed as your approval to begin the construction process.  

Bear in mind, payment is required before the work begins and custom orders take time to complete.  There may be others ahead of you and we want to take the time required to produce the best possible product to deliver to you. Please give us 2-3 weeks for any custom orders. 

And Thanks for your Business!  We hope you have found this guide helpful.  

Disclaimer:  We reserve the right to reject a design choice that is not something we typically can do and work with you on another so we can offer you the best possible product as each design/pattern is different and outcomes are not always so predictable.  

The Dallas